Wellington’s and Aucklands unique climatic conditions put continuos pressure on high rise buildings throughout these regions, making leakage and water ingress the most common problem HBC deals with. Left unresolved, water leakage problems can result in costly long-term damage. In short ‘If you want your building to last get rid of the water fast!’ HBC has developed a track record for carefully diagnosing problems, taking effective remedial action, then monitoring the action for performance (i.e. a natural weather test).

If you want your buildings to last, get rid of the water fast!

Understanding Weathertightness Surveys & Investigation

HBC has found problems with leaks can often relate to original building architecture and construction as well as lack of routine maintenance planning. These factors can make it difficult to easily detect the cause and remedy it.

HBC will identify the causes of failure, identify the extent of the damage, devise a suitable remedy, provide an indicative cost estimate for the remedial work and ensure that the work is implemented correctly.

Wind and rainfall also have a range of diverse effects. For this reason, HBC’s consultants examine the problem while leakage is occurring. The examination is followed by a systematic elimination of potential cause with the most likely addressed first.

Whilst HBC is committed to identifying and resolving problems quickly, it is important to realise this can sometimes be a time consuming process often requiring detailed analysis. Prevailing weather conditions also have an impact on the time frame for completion.

In HBC’s experience, this process of systematic elimination has proven to be the best method for resolution.

HBC often uses videocope technology to track leaks.


An HBC professional will scope the leakage problem then provide a schedule of fees for a formal investigation and report. From this reports finding’s HBC is then able to accurately quote for a stage by stage remedial action programme.

So don’t rush for a quick fix let the experts at HBC solve the problem.