nz institute of building surveyors member

HBC offers a range of building consultancy, project management and maintenance services tailored to resolve often complex and recurring problems to high rise buildings.

HBC has particular expertise in developing systematic plans that help ensure maintenance spending gives the best return on investment. We are registered building and weathertightness surveyors and members of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc.

HBC’s core services cover:

specialist core services

Specialist core services cover:


I have dealt with Mark Radcliffe of HBC over many years on water tightness remedial projects. Most recently our contact has been in water testing. HBC’s tests and reports are thorough and professional, and Wellington

City Council accepts them as authoritative. Mark’s value to his clients lies not just in the quality of his tests but in his constructive approach to solving any problem that his testing identifies.


Campbell Pope



Visual Inspection Service:
HBC also works in partnership with Visiscope Limited who utilise Videoscope technology to provide a unique remote visual inspection service.

Each service is covered in more detail in each service category.

In the fulfillment of our services, HBC often finds problems to be addressed separate from work contracted to perform. In this case a proactive approach through the implementation of a formal maintenance planning process is recommended.