Aside from full maintenance plans HBC’s expertise can also be brought to bear on individual defects and problems as they occur.

HBC employs a similar method of inspection as a full commercial maintenance plan.

A summary of the steps follows:

methodoly chart.


Building forensics is a complex, multidisciplinary field where no one building is ever the same and where a team effort is vital. Perhaps the most important cog in this team is a building specialist who has an exceptionally high level of on-site expertise but also has the breadth of knowledge and experience to know who to call and when. There is no substitute for huge experience and great skill.


Mark’s dedication to his clients is at the very highest level and I very much enjoy working with someone with such passion and skill. Another thing I really enjoy about working with Mark is that he is always leading the way with the very best technical kit: top line optical and robotic gear for seeing into the most difficult places with the least disruption possible. HBC is a first class combination of man, machine and being in the right place at the right time with the right knowledge to get the best result possible.


Dr Robin Wakeling