Due to the harsh environmental conditions that prevail in Wellington and Auckland, HBC recommends all high-rise buildings have a formal maintenance programme. By following a systematic maintenance programme, properties better retain their market value. Additionally, maintenance costs are lower over the long run as potential problems are addressed proactively instead of reactively. HBC’s commercial maintenance planning service fine tunes maintenance programmes and takes the guess work out of forecasting annual budgets. Save money and stress, take the proactive approach with HBC’s Commercial Maintenance Planning service.


The methodology employed by HBC for the preparation of a maintenance plan follows:

methodoly chart.

Methodology Commentary

Scope and Investigate

In order to correctly diagnose current and potential problems a building faces HBC begins by conducting a preliminary inspection identifying the ‘trade’ areas requiring work. These would typically comprise painting, windows, carpentry, waterproof membranes, concrete, exterior cleaning, and basic plumbing.

Once the preliminary inspection is completed a more detailed examination using respective trades people is conducted.

During each trade visit a basic site measure is carried out, with obvious and not so obvious items requiring attention recorded.

By integrating the specialist knowledge of these hand picked trades people with our own expertise, HBC delivers a superior quality analysis.

Plan & Budget

Once the investigation stage is completed a detailed action plan by trade is prepared. Each trade areas projected work is detailed and prioritised with estimates of cost provided.

These estimates are summarised by trade for example:

example estimate.

The plan describes in full general conditions and problems the trade reported on. Where access is limited, costings for such things as scaffolding are also included.

The inspection process sometimes identifies a services or structural defect. In this case, HBC will attempt to make contact with an IQP and obtain an initial investigation estimate for inclusion in the plan.


Progressive remedial action as defined in the plan is taken.


HBC will provide a comprehensive costing that covers the four key stages:

  • Scoping – preliminary investigation
  • Specification Definition – trade visits and integrated analysis
  • Plan Authoring
  • Remedial action