facade testing


During the last 12 years HBC has been engaged by facade design companies, window manufacturing companies, main contractors and building surveying companies to assist with field testing to both facades and window systems. The purpose has been to assist with PS4 construction reviews that are call up for with building consents for new building works. With HBC’s experience and expertise with facade works has brought many benefits to the testing process. HBC uses certified testing procedures including the AS/NZS standards and AAMA testing standard which is accepted world wide. Presently HBC has been working with the window industry to develop window field testing standards.

The purpose of the field testing is to provide quality assurance and diagnostic field water check method for installed shopfronts, curtain walls, sloped glazing and cladding systems.

The field check procedure is intended to evaluate those joints, gaskets and sealant details in the glazing which are designed to remain permanently closed and water tight.

Our testing equipment is very useful for forensic testing, if water ingress is observed during testing the leakage paths can be tracked to locate the leak ingress point of entry. If damage has occurred the extent of the damage can be assessed. Once the defect is identified a remedy can be devised. Once the remedial work is completed a re test can be carried out to test the effectiveness of the repairs.

HBC works closely with Facade Engineers ensuring that consistent test procedures and test equipment is used to best replicate what is carried out in a accredited testing facility. Testing is carried out generally in accordance with AS/NZS 4284:2008, NZS 4211 and ASTM E1105 and or to the Facade Engineers specific instructions.